Bassegli-Kaboga Palace

Cvijete Zuzorić 4, Mon – Fri 8:00 – 18:00 (break 13:30 to 14:00)

The Bassegli-Caboga palace in the Old town holds local and national heritage collections which the Research library has preserved throughout its history. The core collection are gifts/legates from private libraries, as well as the collection Collegium Ragusinum from the former Jesuit college which was given to our library in 1944 and contained 45 incunabula, 35 manuscripts, around 5000 volumes of old and rare books and several items of correspondence. These first collections reflect the history, interests and culture of the people of this area and those that immigrated from other parts of Europe. The Research library with its precious holdings is one of the most significant libraries in Croatia. 

The collections in the Old town building are: 

Ragusina collection: currently over 16.000 units of books, periodicals and AV materials. 610 books are older than 1850*

Incunabula collection:  81 volumes (15th century, of course)

Manuscripts collection: 959 volumes, 720 are older than 1850

Old and rare books collection: 10500 volumes, all older than 1850

Correspondence: around 3000 letters or postcards

Librettos „Antun Drobac“ collection: 723 volumes, almost all older than 1850

General Reference collection: over 2000 volumes

Visual arts collection: 700 drawings and sketches by Anton Perko

Music sheets collection: 27 units (6 in manuscripts, 21 printed music sheets)

* the year 1850 is the current cut-off date for publications to be considered cultural goods