Collections in the Summer villa Stjepović-Skočubuha

Croatian Legal Deposit Collection

The Dubrovnik Research Library receives, holds and cares for legal deposit copies of all Croatian publications (except daily newspapers) published since 1966. The collection takes up most of the space in the summerhouse Skočibuha, with around 200.000 volumes of books and 160.000 copies of serial publications.

General collections  

The collection of books is divided into two parts: S and S1. It contains over 52.900 units of books largely gathered through donations and gifts, dating from the early 20th century onwards. The older and rarer titles were relocated to the Varia collection in the Old town Caboga palace. The general collection also has magazines and periodicals from the first half of the 20th century, ranging from the period of Austro-Hungary, Kingdom of Yugoslavia and former Yugoslavia. All were published on the territory of present-day Croatia.