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Meetings of conservators and restorers

Dubrovnik libraries - The Research library is organizing a three-day professional meeting entitled "Meetings of conservators and restorers of archival and library materials and art on paper", which will be held from 26 to 28 May 2021 in the Research Library of Dubrovnik. After Rijeka and Zagreb the host of the third meeting is Research Library of Dubrovnik and the theme of the meeting is: "Preserving Knowledge:  Sharing knowledge and experiences for the purpose of improving the field of conservation and restoration ". The goal of the meeting is to bring together conservators and restorers employed in libraries, archives, museums, universities and other institutions, as well as experts from the above mentioned areas who work with archival paper materials, books, or works of art on paper and parchment, in order to exchange experiences, present their current and past projects, and based on these professional explanations, help each other adopt, determine and improve their knowledge, competences and skills.


Participation is free of charge. Participation may be via PowerPoint presentation (15-20 minutes), poster presentation, participation in the discussion or just as an attendant. The working languages are Croatian and English. The meeting is divided into three parts. The first part will consist of presentations / expositions of activities which include conservation and restoration departments from Croatia and other countries, as well as other participants in the process of conservation (the presentation of works will be divided into two days: the first day in Croatian for exhibitors from the region, while the second day lectures will be provided by non-regional exhibitors and will be held in English), the second part is planned as round table, with discussions and suggestions regarding the improvement of profession. The third part will be a poster exhibition.

Dubrovnik libraries wish to invite all interested parties who would like to participate in the conference as listeners/viewers to please register via e-mail at: press.dkd@gmail.com

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