Postponement of the 1st International Conference of DRL

Postponement of the 1st International Conference of DRL

It is with a heavy heart that Dubrovnik Libraries announce the postponement of the 1st International Conference of DRL.

Dubrovnik Libraries were aware of the possibility that the current COVID-19 climate could necessitate postponement. Along with the concerns over the current Omicron variant, uncertainty around international travel restrictions and the ongoing pressure which the pandemic places on health services, and with the decrees in financial resources the Conference is unlikely to take place in March as planned. Dubrovnik Libraries feel responsible to keep our participants safe, especially the ones who were planning to come to Dubrovnik to participate in the Conference. 

Having spent the past year preparing for the conference with partners, sponsors and supporters Dubrovnik Libraries are genuinely sorry for not hosting the Conference as planned.

Dubrovnik Libraries are aware of the fact that this announcement is inconvenient and disappointing, especially for attendees and presenters, but safety is number one priority, and the conference could not be hosted under the current restrictions.

Given the circumstances, the members from the Committees agreed upon the final decision, and these changes allow partners, sponsors, participants, lecturers, and attendees more time to arrange their schedules and to look forward to the new date.

Dubrovnik Libraries want to thank everyone for their comments, encouragement and help in creating a strong conference at the right time and under the best possible circumstances.

A new date will be set as soon as possible and all new information will be announced.

Thank you for your understanding. 

Dubrovnik Libraries